Give your child the opportunity to attend a Montessori school and watch him or her grow from the boundless benefits.

A Love Of Learning: One of the goals of Montessori education is to create a natural love of learning within the child. The Montessori curriculum and vertical age grouping aims to generate a natural spark within the child that inspires and self-motivates them to want to learn more. Learning is based on the child’s natural interests and they are then guided into the different areas of learning. Children are doing what they are naturally inspired to do, and not what the adult has pre-determined that they will do on that day. The child’s desire to satisfy their inner curiosity and interest is what drives them to joyful learning which carries them through their educational journey.

Concentration And Self-Discipline: Children are capable of initiating their own learning without the need for the adult to tell them what to do. The carefully prepared Montessori environment allows for them to be able to explore and perfect these skills. There is an uninterrupted 3-hour work cycle, during which the child can be completely absorbed in the material they are working with, without the fear of being told to pack away as time is up. As the child moves from the first plane of development, into the second plane of development, they pass from the concrete into the more abstract where application of real life experiences starts to come into play. Starting in a Montessori school at an early age is of great importance when it comes to developing the child’s coordination, sense of order, concentration and independence. Montessori children enjoy “freedom within limits”, limits are set by the Directress and the students are involved in deciding what their focus of learning will be. As the Montessori child matures, they look more critically at their work, self-correcting and learning from their own mistakes.

Sociability In Joyful Work: The Montessori approach focuses on the holistic development of the child. It values the human spirit and looks at the development of the child as a whole individual in society. Montessori children learn to be critical thinkers, to work together, and to present themselves and speak openly and boldly. Directresses model the behaviour that is expected of the child, behaviours such as respect, kindness, being loving, being peaceful, resolving situations of conflict etc. Montessori children learn that sociability is not only a task for ‘playtime’ this is a task for general interaction and communication in all situations.

 Mutual Aid And Co-Operation: Authentic Montessori environment will display classes of vertically aged children. Children are in classes of at least 3 year groupings, which fosters an environment of peer learning. The younger child learns from the older child, while the older child reinforces their learning by teaching what they have mastered to the younger child. This concept is a mirror image of the real world where humans socialise with people from all walks of life, ages, and societies. While the older students are the mentors and role models, the younger children can feel supported and gain confidence for the challenges that they may need to face as they mature.

To book an appointment and/or tour, e-mail or call 010-271-0291 and ask for Delicia or Gabriella.

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