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Philips Avent Electric Steam Steriliser

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There are two different ways to approach learning letters the ‘Phonics Method’ and the ‘Whole Word’. Personally, I prefer the ‘Phonics Method’. However, the ‘Whole Word’ approach is very useful for sight words and words that use the more complicated phonic rules.

The reason I prefer the ‘Phonics Method’ is because it teaches children how to blend sounds and decode words. It also focuses on the auditory aspect of reading which is essential.

This post will not focus on the different types of learning and I intend doing a blog on the different methods and how they influence reading. It is will be extremely important with regards to younger children learning to read.

However, this post is simply to introduce whether your child is ready to read and when reading should be introduced.

Several schools prefer that parents do not teach their children to read at home. The main reasons for this are that schools have specific methods they use to teach children to read and it confuses the child when there are opposite methods being taught, parents frequently teach letter names instead of the sounds of the letters (phonics), parents tend to mix up phonetical sounds and sometimes parents try to teach their child to read when they are not ready.

This why I stress and emphasize that before you start teaching please approach your school to find out what methods they use and whether your child is ready to read. Children who are ready to read will benefit from reading enrichment (this is where programs like EduHelp are beneficial and preferable to parents teaching at home who do not fully understand how reading is taught) and sometimes children start reading on their own (and this is when enrichment and intervention are definitely needed to help them learn in a positive and functional way).

HOWEVER, IN THE MEANWHILE PLEASE KEEP READING TO YOUR CHILD AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. I suggest when you are reading that you read about different topics, introduce your child to a variety of styles of writing (Fables, Stories, Science, etc.) and most importantly ask questions: What, Who, When, Where, How, Why as well as asking them to use their own words to tell you what the story was about. Discuss what you have read from the material to the words used. Don’t forget to talk about the pictures!

Happy Reading!

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Milly learns to swim

A blog of Milly's first swimming lesson with us. Well done!!

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Hi moms,

We are running our usual outdoor sculpt & tone classes (fitness Pilates) this weekend! Bring the kids, there will be an au pair with fun activities for them to do.😊

Where: Avenue de Mist in Rondebosch

Saturday @ 07:00 & 08:00 

Sunday @ 08:00

Please contact Keren 082 8693913 for more info. 

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That sexy dress is calling!! GO GET IT!

If you have been thinking about getting into shape but need that push and some encouragement this may be for you.  Our body relies and function's on optimal cell to cell communication.  Mannatech has used this science to create these amazing products!   CHECK THEM OUT and Order!                                              Email:




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Pillow cases

Personalised pillow cases ae a beautiful way to create your own style. You can print captions, funny sayings or nursery rhymes.

Contact us on 072 890 0552.                    Or email 

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Another unique 💡

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