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I Paint Things now offers gift vouchers !

Wanting to give a unique gift to your loved ones for their new miracle? Looking to put together a group gift. Why not purchase a gift voucher and we will create a beautiful wall mural. 

Contact us today!

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Our Shiny New Website is Live!

YAY Our Shiny New Website is Live!

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If you love Soft'n Slo Squishies you will love Bubbleez!

Get ready for the newest collectible friends you won’t be able to help but squeeze.

Bubbleezz, fromORB, will be your new bubbly BFFs. Bubbleezz come in two different sizes—super and jumbo—so you can either display your collection on a shelf or toss them in your backpack for on-the-go fun.

With 24 characters to collect in series one, the characters feature a range of themes, including fruit, animals, desserts, monsters, and more. They have quirky names, such as Ula Purrcorn and Piper Puppyfly, and each features a unique personality and adorable expression.

Now, let’s talk about that squish. Kids will get addicted to these squeezable friends. Each Bubbleezz contains hundreds of Bubbleezz Beadz inside that move around as kids squeeze and transform them—talk about tactile stress relief. The sensation is unlike other squishing toys on the market due to that bubbly texture.

And there’s even more fun to discover inside! Your Bubbleezz friend has a special Power Charm buried within the Bubbleezz Beadz. Each charm represents the unique power that help the Bubbleezz during their adventures in the Bubbleverse—including protecting their world from the Troubleezz. When kids find their charm, they can travel to to find out what their unique personality is.

Kids can also explore the entire Bubbleverse online at They can travel through the different worlds, including Mystical Mountain, Magic Metropolis, and Stormy Sea. You can meet each of the Bubbleezz characters, and see what their powers and personalities are, as well as what charms they feature and which size they are. Additionally, you can download the collector’s guide to have on hand while building your collection.

Bubbleezz will be exclusive to Hamleys South Africa and they arriving in June 2018.

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Baby shower/Hospital Gift Pack


Looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower?
Are you an expecting mommy !?

We have the perfect gift pack just for you.
(Products are chosen from hospital baby bag requirements which can be changed to your specifications.)

In this pack you will recieve:

* Knitted sleepsack (grey or pink)
* Dummy chain of your choice
* Cotton Wool
* Johnson's Top to Toe baby wash
* Elizabeth Annes special baby shampoo
* Bennetts Bum Cream
* Vaseline
* Surgical Spirits
* Wetwipes

Grab yours today for only R560!!!

To place an order contact us on:

Contact Nr : 066 226 0573
Simply comment on the thread or
Send us a FB message!

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NEW: 'Weaning Sense' approved, healthy baby food delivery service launches!!

Ohbabyis a new, nutritionist-approved, science-led baby food brand that offers parents in CT & JHB a fresh alternative to highly processed, shelf-stabilised food. Ohbaby’s chefs craft delicious flavours to stimulate tiny taste buds while paediatric nutritionist & co-author of award winning book ‘Weaning Sense’, Kath Megaw ensures each meal is balanced to provide the right mix of nutrient-dense ingredients that support baby’s body and mind.

Ohbaby’s mission is to maximise baby’s health and expand their taste buds all the while making weaning an easier, more convenient experience for parents.

By choosing Ohbaby, parents are joining Ohbaby’s mission to bring transparency to the baby food industry and to promote better nutritional options for kids.

Ohbaby says...

  • No to additives & preservatives

  • No to heat pasteurization

  • No to added sugar and salt

  • No to exhausted parents spending hours preparing homemade baby food... and YES to giving them more free time to do the things they love!!!!!

CT - Delivery to your door every Tuesday & Thursday

JHB - Collection only every Tuesday & Thursday from one of two collection points: Illovo Junction or Craighall Park.

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Swift / Funky / Fast and BLUE / R11 399

Acer Swift SF314-52 – Intel Core i5-7200U
14 IPS Full HD LCD
256GB SSD + BT Camera
4-cell Li-Ion battery
USB Type-C
Fingerprint reader
Windows 10 Home
1 Year carry-in Warranty

Delivery Included (Extra charges may unfortunately be applicable for outlying areas)
Need some information on this product or not finding what you are looking for? Why not give us a call?

Tel: 087 056 1015

Or send us an email on

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Feeding the little people with Fria's

One child with a bad reaction to refined sugar is bad enough but imagine ten children on a sugar high bouncing around the garden, screeching at the top of their lungs, unable to hit the breaks or use logic and reason because all that sugar has dulled the responsiveness of their developing minds.

Maybe it’s just one afternoon at a birthday party, or maybe you deal with this on an almost daily basis; either way, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Less sugar and more nutritious alternatives are definitely the way to go for growing little people.

It’s easy and fun concocting recipes, and as long as they’re still scrumptious your kids will have no idea they’re eating a better and healthier version of a sugary treat.  Think coconut and coconut oil, dates, nuts, bananas, and natural flavourings like burnt coffee, salted caramel, liquorice and peppermint.

My absolute favourite kiddie treat I’ve dubbed “melt-in-your-mouth, bite size pieces of heaven” and they are my Coconut Bombs. Not only are they the perfect banting/keto dessert for adults, they’re also a delicious sugar-, dairy-, egg- and gluten-free treat for kids. To make pink coconut bombs, I use beetroot juice, turmeric creates a lovely yellow hue, carrot juice assists in my orange creations, spirulina makes a lovely grassy green colour and for purple I use pulped blackberry.

As you can tell, experimenting in the kitchen excites me. And I absolutely love playing around with treats based on party themes!

Luckily for moms who are super-busy or hate spending what little quality time they have in the kitchen, Fria’s Superfoods is available to cater for kid’s parties.

And I have a way to keep the little ones busy too. I have some cute little illustrated recipes that can be turned into a colour-in book. Check them out!

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