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12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition

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Are you confused about if you should be eating low-carb-high-fat or paleo or vegetarian or free-from? Are you wondering why you can’t lose the weight no matter how healthy the plate on your food is? Do you still count calories? Wondering which, if any supplements you should be taking? Do you think the field of “nutrition” is just a fad? Then please join my friends Ian Craig and Rachel Jesson of The Nutritional Institute for what promises to be a very enlightening and well-rounded course / series of talks.



12 Steps to Wholesome Nutrition (starting Wed 1st Feb).

“This course, along with its book Wholesome Nutrition, is a response to the South African confusion over food and nutrition, which has been accompanied by fad diets and disillusionment around health, weight and overall lack of control of self. We seek to help empower you with improved knowledge of nutrition, awareness of genetic uniqueness, and with many practical food options and strategies.

The course is set up as a series of talks, that for completeness, can be taken as one. However, with respect of your busy lifestyles, we have also set it up so that you can book on single weeks, picking and choosing the topics that interest you most. Additionally, we will be video taping each session, meaning that it will be available online later on - or you could attend some evenings in person and view the rest online. The choice is yours…

Ian will be leading the course and talking most evenings, Rachel will be contributing to certain talks and providing a recipe clip each week, and they have also recruited a number of very respected specialists (one for each week), whose names will be released through social media (and on our website) week after week.

Cost - R1500 (includes a free copy of their book Wholesome Nutrition), or R200 per single night.


Step 1 – Individuality (1st Feb)

Step 2 – Beyond calories (8th Feb)

Step 3 – Lifestyle and exercise (15th Feb)

Step 4 – Mindful eating (22nd Feb)

Step 5 – The facts about fat (1st Mar)

Step 6 – The cut on carbs (8th Mar)

Step 7 – Powerful protein (15th Mar)

Step 8 – Food sensitivities (22nd Mar)

Step 9 – From soil to plate (29th Mar)

Step 10 – A review of popular diets (5th Apr)

Step 11 – Supplements (12th Apr)

Step 12 – Pulling it all together (26th Apr)

Find out more here:

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Valentines Day


Book now to avoid disappointment!

Let Cupid shoot his arrow through the heart of someone you secretly admire.  Or maybe Little Red Riding Hood will steal a heart.

0827878423 Rob

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Helping Your Child to Achieve Great Things


In order to celebrate the start of the 2017 school year, Hooked on Learning is giving away 4 FREE downloads with the purchase of either the Junior or Senior, 'Set Your Mind to It' E-books.

The giveaways include:

  1. A gorgeous 2017 monthly planner.
  2. Healthy lunch box ideas for some yummy lunches.
  3. Added organisational ideas and charts.
  4. Added fun homework ideas and worksheets.

For more information please visit: 

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New Facebook group for our Business Community

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We at Mamahood are thrilled to let you know that we have created a new nationwide Business Community Facebook group. The aim of this group is to provide another platform for all our listed businesses from across the country to promote their business on. The Mamahood business community is a place where members can easily network with all the great businesses that are listed on the Mamahood website. This is a public group where both men and women from across South Africa may join. This group differs from our regional Mamahood advice groups, its sole purpose is to provide a platform, where our listed business and members can network and support local entrepreneurs in our thriving community.

The Mamahood website showcases hundreds of fantastic local businesses that provide some of the best products and services South Africa has to offer. This group is an extension of the Mamahood website and is the perfect place for you to promote your business on for members to browse through the various businesses and see what you have to offer….This is a business community group and members will only be able to make business related queries on this group. One of the benefits is that only you as a listed business will be able to make advertising posts and respond to any requests of a product or service.

Please go ahead & join our Business Community group here and start promoting your business today!  Tell your friends to join, men & women, so they can start browsing & supporting all the businesses  in our community.

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    Mamahood Team
  • This is great <3

New Daycare!


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A potty training boys urinal ON SALE

Little Urinal 2

Crazy Clearance SALE 

Potty training your little man? Boys urinals - (green). Was listed online for R349 

  • Now only R199 till stock lasts. 

Teaching him to stand & aim while having fun. Less mess! Email to order or buy here:…/Easy-Peesy-Boys-Urinal.a… They will go fast. Brilliant gift for a boy baby shower too.

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Cute Buckle Doll Carriers Now Available

Sophia With Pink Carrier

My Sophia feeling motherly with her doll carrier. Isn't this sweet? R250 - an ideal gift for a soon to be sister. Comment to order (beige, denim, pink or navy with your email or inbox me:

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