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CPR and First Aid for Nannies - 23 June 2018

We only have a few spots left for our very popular CPR Course which takes place again on the 23rd June, in Bryanston.

Email to book for your nanny or alternatively, leave your email address in the comments below and we will send you all the details.

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Client Appreciation

It’s been a year since I have decided to pursue my dream and that dream was to be a Newborn Photographer... That was my dream then but that dream IS my reality today!!! Thank you for all the support and entrusting me to capture special moments that will one day be some of your most precious memories 

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LeRoo Baby Grows

Along with a lovely fabric, LeRoo baby grows also have hand and foot flip over pockets, allowing them to be worn as pj’s or daily wear. Designed with two gorgeous patterns in pink and blue, your little one will love wearing our baby grows while they discover the world at their own pace, no matter the season.

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I Paint Things now offers gift vouchers !

Wanting to give a unique gift to your loved ones for their new miracle? Looking to put together a group gift. Why not purchase a gift voucher and we will create a beautiful wall mural. 

Contact us today!

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Our Shiny New Website is Live!

YAY Our Shiny New Website is Live!

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If you love Soft'n Slo Squishies you will love Bubbleez!

Get ready for the newest collectible friends you won’t be able to help but squeeze.

Bubbleezz, fromORB, will be your new bubbly BFFs. Bubbleezz come in two different sizes—super and jumbo—so you can either display your collection on a shelf or toss them in your backpack for on-the-go fun.

With 24 characters to collect in series one, the characters feature a range of themes, including fruit, animals, desserts, monsters, and more. They have quirky names, such as Ula Purrcorn and Piper Puppyfly, and each features a unique personality and adorable expression.

Now, let’s talk about that squish. Kids will get addicted to these squeezable friends. Each Bubbleezz contains hundreds of Bubbleezz Beadz inside that move around as kids squeeze and transform them—talk about tactile stress relief. The sensation is unlike other squishing toys on the market due to that bubbly texture.

And there’s even more fun to discover inside! Your Bubbleezz friend has a special Power Charm buried within the Bubbleezz Beadz. Each charm represents the unique power that help the Bubbleezz during their adventures in the Bubbleverse—including protecting their world from the Troubleezz. When kids find their charm, they can travel to to find out what their unique personality is.

Kids can also explore the entire Bubbleverse online at They can travel through the different worlds, including Mystical Mountain, Magic Metropolis, and Stormy Sea. You can meet each of the Bubbleezz characters, and see what their powers and personalities are, as well as what charms they feature and which size they are. Additionally, you can download the collector’s guide to have on hand while building your collection.

Bubbleezz will be exclusive to Hamleys South Africa and they arriving in June 2018.

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Baby shower/Hospital Gift Pack


Looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower?
Are you an expecting mommy !?

We have the perfect gift pack just for you.
(Products are chosen from hospital baby bag requirements which can be changed to your specifications.)

In this pack you will recieve:

* Knitted sleepsack (grey or pink)
* Dummy chain of your choice
* Cotton Wool
* Johnson's Top to Toe baby wash
* Elizabeth Annes special baby shampoo
* Bennetts Bum Cream
* Vaseline
* Surgical Spirits
* Wetwipes

Grab yours today for only R560!!!

To place an order contact us on:

Contact Nr : 066 226 0573
Simply comment on the thread or
Send us a FB message!

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