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August Womens Day Pamper Package

Treat yourself this August to this amazing pamper package

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This workshop is specifically designed for parents with tweens and teenagers although many of the techniques can be applied with younger children therefore this workshop is open to any parent who would like to attend.

This workshop looks at assisting parents on how to build a solid relationship with their child through listening, setting boundaries and consequences/rewards for behaviours. The toughest job of being a parent is 'discipline' - what is age appropriate?

Some of the topics we look at are:

* active listening

* feelings and behaviours related to emotions

* boundaries (setting up age-appropriate 'rules' and creating a relationship based on respect)

* personal boundaries

* behaviours - consequences and rewards related to your child's actions

Price: R 420


* a comprehensive detailed book - with information and practical exercises

* refreshments

* surprise bonus materials

CONTACT MELISSA AT or 0766099574 (send an SMS with your details and preferable times for me to call you and I will be in touch you)

PLEASE NOTE: when I am working with clients I do not answer my phone as they are the priority at that moment.

FB Event

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We are GIVING AWAY to one lucky winner a
delivery cost are not Included.

All you have to do to qualify is:
1. LIKE our Goodiehood South Africa - Facebook page

2. SHARE THIS competition post - TAGGING 7 of your friends as you share.

3. COMMENT in this Post - #GoodiehoodSouthAfrica

Winner will be announced on our Facebook Page - Goodiehood South Africa - on Wednesday, 22nd August 2018


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Personalised b-day T-Shirt ideas

B-Day personalised tees for babies,kieddis and adults. Contact us on 072 890 0552and we will gladly assist.

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Photobooth hire

Make every event special and just extra fun

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Joy Trampoline -  SPECIAL NOW ON
 Wooden jungle gym:
 Platform 1.5x 1.5m with double swing, cargo net
 Ramp & rope, fireman's pole and tyre climb.
 Installation included
 # Delivery fee depends on the area #
 Valid from 20 July - 6 August 2018

 010 110 9804

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Hi Ladies

How about just for 1 night every month we “GIRLS” get to be whatever we chose to be?

F.Y.Z.E.R (Girls Just wanna have Fun) will cater for all women 30 yrs  and older.   #MHLISTEDBUSINESS

This is a Ladies only club with a bit of OOMPH ...a club of fun, laughter, being yourself, dressing up, feeling sexy and letting your hair down.

Where we meet have fun, let our hair down, just be in our own space, dress up, show up, laugh, be crazy, make fools of ourselves and just BE!

So what's the club about? We attend a monthly event, we have a dress up theme for each event (You can send in suggestions for themes), be at a great venue, have best dressed competition for each event, we have a photographer to take those great pics and capture each memory at event, we dance, we sing, we drink for those that enjoy having a drink, we have fun, we laugh the night away.
So no more waiting for that wedding to attend to dress up, or that best friends hen party or your work year end function to have a good night can have the perfect excuse monthly, by being part of the Girls Just Wanna Have fun ladies club.

This Club is NOT:
1) a book club
2) a foodie club
3) mamma's club
4) singles club
5) married women's club
6) divorced women's club
7) single mothers club or a 
8) Get fit club or a
9) religious or spiritual club
There are enough clubs around to join for those... THIS is a GIRLS WANNA HAVE FUN CLUB! We all have a DIVA within us that needs to SHINE!

This club is unfortunately NOT for ladies under 30 (we do apologise for this) 

So Ladies we are wanting an evening of fun, for each of us to bring out our inner DIVA with NO men around (depending on the entertainment ssshhh...our secret :) , and no more having to find an excuse to go out and hang with your GIRLS .....
This club must be our “CHILL ZONE” time away from the husbands, kids, house work, jobs etc. it’s called “ME TIME” and why not do it in style.

Should you  Ladies be keen to join, there is a monthly membership fee of R100,  which will get you a Diva Pass and invite to all events and cover the admin costs for putting the events together extra. Please send us a message should you wish to join.

This is a new Club so open to hearing any of your suggestions.

Look forward to hearing from you all! 😉

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