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Boost your Brand

You know what you want to say and when you want to say it! With over 250,000 members across the extensive Mamahood online community, we have a select target audience waiting to hear about your brand, your products and your services!
An Advertiser option gives you the best of both worlds – join the E-Commerce trend with your very own online store and keep your customers engaged by advertising your business to all the Mamahood Facebook groups everyday of the week, with  unlimited posts

Advertising Subscriptions with Mamahood

Mamahood’s auto-renew advertising subscription provides you with a seamless experience where you can focus on making the best of your advertising benefits.
You are in full control and can easily manage your subscription from your profile. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you like.

Choose how to Advertise

You can choose to advertise yourself and be on the pulse
Have Mamahood advertise on your behalf while you get down to business

You Advertise

R120 per month


We Advertise

R250 per month


Get 2 months free when you sign up for a year

Our member base is growing as new moms are born every day!

This is an undeniable opportunity to build your brand!

What if the Difference between the YOU Advertise and WE Advertise Options?

You Advertise

The YOU ADVERTISE option is where you personally promote your business to the Mamahood Facebook groups. You will create your own posts and promote your business yourself. You are able to advertise every day of the week, Monday through Sunday, with unlimited posts.

We Advertise

The WE ADVERTISE option is where Mamahood promotes your business on your behalf. We create a marketing post on our Mamahood Trader page once a month with information you send us via our ‘create a post’ form. We will use this post to share out to all applicable Mamahood FB groups across the country. Mondays through Fridays with the exception of public holidays. This means that your business will be promoted up to 20 times in one month. You can then send in updated information on the 25th of each month for the following month.
In conjunction with this service you are also able to promote your business to our Mamahood groups every day of the week, Monday through Sunday, with unlimited posts.
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