Mombella Review - Teething Toys

21 April 2017

Teething….need I say more?! It’s one of the hardest things for a mom to deal with. Sleepless nights, whiney days all in all it’s a hard time that needs to be repeated 20 times until all their milk teeth are there – insert horror emoticon right here! Mombella has a fabulous range of teething toys to make this a much less painful journey.

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My first two children never had teething toys as such, they would gnaw on whatever was at hand. Luckily for little Ms L she has a range of Mombella teethers which arrived at just the right time. Her favourite pastime is nomming away on any one of these teethers. They have great names and strange shapes and are just perfect for little hands to manipulate onto just the right spot. 

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Lexi’s favourite is the Mombella Octopus Doo teether – a rather funny looking character with a multitude of textures to satisfy any itchy or bothersome gums. All the teethers are dishwasher, deep-freeze and microwave safe and hence mommy cleaning safe too! They are made from organic materials and are 100% BPA free – what a win!

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Mombella Range

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To find any of these Mombella products go to and search Mombella.

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Valerie Collett

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