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What is an online marketplace?

With so many people shopping online nowadays we are all very used to browsing through our favourite online shops. Mamahood has now taken this to the next level and created the newest shopping trend. Our Mamahood Online Market (M.O.M) showcases over 1000 online shops boasting some of the best products and services that South African entrepreneurs have to offer. You can now easily find that perfect item without having to search through multiple websites or even having to make multiple checkouts.

Am I ordering from Mamahood?

Mamahood provides the marketplace, and Traders run their own shops. Your business interactions are with the Traders themselves, not the marketplace. This implies that all your questions regarding products, contact details, refunds and delivery times will all be aimed at each separate Trader that you are purchasing from and not Mamahood. Mamahood manages the checkout and payment system and provides the online support necessary for running the marketplace.

Can I order products from different shops at the same time?

Of course, our Market provides an easy one-stop-shop making your shopping experience perfect for all busy moms. Add as many items from different shops into your cart and do one simple checkout. It can’t be easier than that right?

How do service vouchers work?

Many of the MH Traders offer services rather than products, think photographers, massages, manicures, memberships etc. These traders can offer vouchers from within their shop space that may then be used as proof of payment for the relevant service. You, as the customer, will need to make sure they understand the terms and conditions regarding each trader’s vouchers.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Since each Trader runs their own shop and Traders are located across the country, you will need to check the estimated delivery times with each Trader you purchase from. Mamahood has set a standard delivery time of 10 working days once you have completed your order, however, as some Traders may need a little bit longer, we advise you to check their individual delivery policy from inside their shop space. Should you be purchasing from multiple Traders, be aware that you may, therefore, have multiple delivery times. If a Trader needs to extend the delivery time after your order has been made, then they should inform you via email.


Can I pick up my order?

Some Traders allow for a free pick up of your orders from their specified address. Not all Traders offer this option, so if this is a necessity you will need to check the shop details.

Are my financial and transactional details secure?

Mamahood has partnered with SagePay to facilitate payment processing. Credit card transactions will be processed using the strictest encryption and our transactions are 100% 3D secure. We can accept local and international MasterCard and VISA payments as well as Instant EFTs.


How does the Rating and Review system work?

Online shoppers are greatly influenced by reviews and ratings! They are a great way to learn about a Trader, their business, products or services, and they also help to build a strong reputation and feeling of trust. Mamahood Traders can be rated from within their shop page on our website.

Some points to consider before leaving your rating or review –
1) You may only rate and review a Trader if you have purchased a product or enlisted one of their services (completed a transaction).
2) You are responsible for giving a fair rating. Be honest when adding your comment and avoid being malicious and using language that is abusive, threatening, profane or discriminatory. Comments and ratings cannot be edited once submitted.  
3) Mamahood reserves the right to remove any rating or review if we feel it is absolutely necessary.

How can I return a product and ask for a refund?

Mamahood has set a standard refund policy that stipulates that products which are returned within 14 days and are in their original condition and packaging, can be returned with a full refund. However, each Trader can set their own refund policies, which will be outlined in their individual shop and we would advise you to read the refund policy of the shop before making a purchase.


I need to log a complaint!

We hope that you have a great experience using our website and enjoy viewing all the great products and services on offer. If you have a problem with anything, it is really important to us that you share your experience with us so that we can improve our platform wherever possible.

Note that if you have any issues with your purchases or interactions with a Trader, you will need to first directly contact the Trader from who you made the purchase. Although Mamahood is not directly involved in any transactions, should you be unable to arrive at a satisfactory arrangement with the trader in question, or your order has not gone as expected, we have a complaint logging system.

Each complaint will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine its validity. If Mamahood determines that your order was not up to standard, the Trader will be required to make a full refund of the order.

You can log a complaint HERE.

How can I donate to one of the charities on Mamahood?

We believe in supporting our local and wider communities which includes supporting charities. To make it easy to contribute financially, charities are able to open a version of a shop, but rather than purchasing products or services you can donate preset amounts to the charity. Giving to charities is a great way to support and be involved when you are unable to offer time or services.

We have confirmed that all the charities on our website are fully registered and are operating within their guidelines. MH does not encourage our members to donate to unregistered charities or any other MH members using the platform since there is a high fraud risk.


How do I open a shop in the Mamahood marketplace?

Join over 1000 other successful Mamahood Traders for FREE by first registering with Mamahood HERE. When you register as a Trader, you will receive a welcome email that includes a step-by-step guide on how to set up and run your shop. We also include some tips and tricks in running your shop and advertising it over the long run.

There is no charge to register as a Trader and open your own online shop. You can start selling as soon as you are registered with us – there are no additional subscriptions or packages you need to choose from.

Can I advertise on Mamahood’s social media platform?

Only registered Traders have the option to subscribe to one of our social advertising packages. You will need to be subscribed to the advertising service in order to advertise on our Facebook groups.

You can register as a Trader and subscribe to our social advertising service HERE


Is there any way to advertise without being a Trader?

Yes, we do provide once-off promotional packages. These promotions are perfect for businesses and big brands looking to run an advertising campaign, competition or giveaway, promote an event or even conduct a market survey.

Sign up for a featured post or promotional campaign HERE.

Are there Terms and Conditions?

We have a separate document for our T’s & C’s, some things are better laid out in full. Please have a look at them HERE. It’s important to us that you know what you are legally bound to when making use of our website.


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