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I am a mommy and I am working full time at the moment. I will be a mommy to my second child very soon and I want to work from home when the child is here. I love working with people and providing them with the best service that I can. I want to help all the mommies out there with products that...

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Hibiscus baby hair & body wash

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This product is just fantastic!! Not only does it give your little one soft, smooth, healthy looking & feeling skin and hair but it helps with babies who suffer from eczema and very dry scalp! The results are just super!

Inbox me for details

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Whitening toothpaste

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I have bought my very own whitening toothpaste and I am so happy and amazed with the results after just one brush!! it truly makes a difference.

Message me to order!

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Have amazing new hair in no time!

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$ 86

Do you suffer from split ends, hair that breaks and just looks terrible that you rather want to tie it up every day? 

This product will completely renew your hair:

*Stronger & healthier hair

*Soft, silky and shiny looking hair

*No split ends

*Complete hydration of dry and damaged hair

*Conditions hair to become more manageable

Love your hair!!! 

Message me to get a price

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Want to look great this summer?

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Do you want to look great this summer? not only look great but feel wonderful and energised at the same time? Do you want clear skin, free of acne and blemishes? also stronger, healthier nails? last but not least; drop a few sizes? there are many more benefits <3

I have a wonderful product that is the answer to all of those questions! 

Please message me for more information :)

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