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I graduated @ CODP Pretoria and was Rewarded the AWARD for the best Landscape Photography.At the time I worked in the Printing and Photography field as well to build up all the experience I would need to fulfil my role as a Professional Photographer.The studies and needed experience in all...

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Good day Mommies!

I would like to know if any mommy to be might be interested,

I would like to enprove my newborn photography skills and i need about 5 mommies to be willing.

It will be charged to a very min fee to cover my studio lights and bateries costs.

Baby not to be older than 2 weeks.

Weekend sessions only.

All images taken will be given digital on a provided usb from the mommy.

I have done i few newborn sessions but i am not yet satisfied,

Hope there is mommies that would love to help!

Please send me a mail should you be interested.

I am based in Elspark germiston.

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New rates and packages is now available.

Contact us for more info:

061 515 1547

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