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We are an online store supplying gifting & all related items for children, females & males for all occasions.  

  • Swimtrainer: We are the Official distributor of Swimtrainer SA - an NRCS approved swimming aid for babies from as young as 3 months to 8 years...

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Did Someone say Cheeseburger! Drool

JUST FOR TODAY get the Cheeseburger Lil' pool for only R299! this is Huge Bargain seeing that they retail for R699! Buy it here

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Go Check Our facebook page for Competition!

Step 1: In the Comments mention what would be on the top of your wish list from OUR website - Name it, show a photo or add a link
Step 2: Share this Post
Step 3: Dah! Obviously you have to like our page 😉

Winner will be chosen at Random on Wednesday the 21st November 2018. Stay Tuned 😋

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Need some gift ideas, for secret Santa or stocking fillers? see our black November sale for great ideas 

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Matching Mommy and me Floats

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Cutest little fellows! They love to 'hang' around! Each Character has weighted paws so they can hang over an arm or shoulder. Multiple colors available in bear and unicorn styles 

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My Desk Facts

My Desk B204 and C301 come with an LED Light, making it easier for your child to see without straining their eyes or positioning their body in harmful ways so they don't block the light. The Led has 3 levels of brightness and also has a bendable handle so light can hit the perfect spot

We Deliver Nation Wide

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Water Gun Back Packs

Bringing back old school nostalgia with these water guns, except they've had a bit of a revamp! You can now fill your back pack with up to 2l of water, refilling every 5 seconds is no longer an issue. Let the water wars begin!!! 

Up to 9 Designs, for girls and boys…

Delivered Nation wide!

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 The SwimTrainer is the only NRCS approved swimming aid for babies from as young as 3 months. With up to 6 inflatable sections, it helps baby to get into the right swimming position as well as keeping their heads far away from water and No worries of toppling over. With the swimTrainer your baby will learn the basic fundamentals of swimming at an early age and in comfort.

Buy Your SwimTrainer Here 

We deliver Nationwide 

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