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Thank you for stopping by! I think it is really great that you have decided to view my profile and I hope you find what you are looking for! I am Drické, the creative expert here at Pix by Drix Photography. My studio is based in Pretoria and although a lot of my sessions take place in-studio, I...

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When I grow up| WHEN I GROW UP...|

...I want to be like my mommy
{part one}

As a mother, being the type of person your little girls can aspire to become is probably the most important job you will ever have.

It is also the most rewarding.

Sometimes I catch my little girls play "mommy-mommy" and hear my own phrases become a part of their imaginary world. When they get the chance, they sneak into my closet and try on my clothing or make-up. If you're anything like me, you won't be a very happy mommy when you walk into your bedroom and your stuff is all over the place. This is our reality as mothers, but to our little ones, it is a magical world of wonder.
Last week I allowed my girls into my closet and into my kitchen with supervision. They had TONS of fun wearing my clothes and baking up a storm while imagining they are all grown up, and it filled my heart with joy seeing how much they want to be like little ol' me.
My little girls and I will be able to look back at these photos whenever one of them says, "remember that time we danced around in mom's dresses?"
Book your own very special "When I grow up..." session. 
ONLY available during the month of Moms - May 2019.
Let's celebrate being the type of MOTHERS our kids want to become. 
Kids aged 2-10
082 544 6146

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