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Seat My Toosh is a portable baby/toddler seat which can be used as an alternative to a high chair. As a mother of 2 beautiful children I have experienced times when I went to a restaurant and either a) there was no high chair; b) the high chair was dirty or c) the high chair was unsafe, Seat...

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Seat My Toosh

The perfect alternative to a high chair when one is not available, dirty or unsafe. Great for traveling and when visiting family and friend. 100% cotton and locally made in Cape Town.  It can be adjusted to most chairs and is comfortable and safe for your little one. Comes with a handy drawstring storage pouch and velcro strip fabric for extra back support.  It is compact enough to fit in your baby bag and can be available to you whenever you need it. 

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9 Keurboom Rd
Cape Town
South Africa