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WeightBusters was started after having successful results ourselves with the HCG protocol, there are so many diets out there, none of them are fun, none of them are easy and most of them are set up in a way to fail, the WeightBusters HCG protocol is proven to be the best way to lose the unwanted...

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Here is my story: I started gaining weight in 2009 when I my active lifestyle changed to a desk job for a Library software company. My weight in 2009 was 87kg. My day to day tasks was supporting end users. I ate anything I wanted, drank a lot of alcohol. I gained in 10 years over 50kg. I got on a scale for the first time in May 2018 after 5 years, the scale showed a hefty 144.8kg. my work clothes started to be tight, I could not find anything that fits me properly anymore, I was demotivated and angry at myself. I had high blood pressure, got chest pains on a daily basis. I got tired of it all, I want to see my son grow up so I started using my wife's product in May 2018, I lost 4.8kg in my detox phase, then another 10 kg in 2 weeks. I was motivated, my clothes started to fit. my blood pressure was normal. today I am still overweight, I am losing the rest of my weight slowly, I have changed my lifestyle completely, I am completely of sugar. I feel great. Join weightbusters today, make that healthy change.
Shaune Lategan
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