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Mamahood started in 2014 as a small Facebook group that was pioneered by friends, Candice Littleford and Lizanne Oved. We hoped to create a space that would bring moms together from all over South Africa in mutual support for anything motherhood could bring their way. The Mamahood platform took off and is now established and growing as a go-to place for anything from life advice and recommendations to connecting with Mamahood Traders who offer mom-perfect products and services.

Mamahood is by moms for moms. We know it takes a village to raise a kid, and sometimes the fastest village to access is online! So please join us in our celebration of motherhood, share that favourite recipe or night out venue, inspire and collaborate, and support the other moms out there who need a friendly face!

Both of us are busy moms and we know a thing or two about just how tough it can be balancing work, family, school runs and trying to keep a somewhat civilized homelife. This is why we have put our heart and souls into creating a platform that really works at supporting every mom’s busy schedule. With this website, we are incorporating a new way of thinking about how we shop and how we interact with and support our local communities.  Not only are you able to comfortably browse through 1000s of online shops all inside one website, but you are also supporting local family-run businesses, we call that a WIN-WIN.

We have a heart for the moms who run their own businesses. These women put a lot of themselves into their products and services, and often a website or individual Facebook page is not enough to gain the exposure they need to take their business to the next level. The Mamahood platform can offer such moms the opportunity to reach a selected audience of over 250 000 members across our vibrant social media platform and to curate further exposure through the new Mamahood Online Marketplace (M.O.M – haha!!).

There are over 1000 tried and tested Traders who have shops on Mamahood and who meet with Mamahood’s Approval. These are shops who have tailored all or some of their products and services for mothers and families at any stage. Even though Mamahood is all about moms, inside our Market you will find anything and everything you are looking for because we know that sometimes us moms also have to wear the pants. Once registered, Mamahood Traders of all experience levels are offered the support they need to develop their E-commerce viability. Your success is our vision.

We are based in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, South Africa, respectively. We work hard with our team of Admins at keeping Mamahood a fun, positive and productive environment. While working on the next expansion to Mamahood, both of us have busy families of our own. We truly love what we do and hope to make Mamahood one of your favourite go-to online spaces!



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