15 x Honey & Nut Lactation Bars

Product by: Milk Lactation Products

Our lactation bars have been formulated to have anti-colic effects your little one. Yes, mom, anti-colic. It’s sugar, dairy, caffeine, lactose and preservative free. This means that the natural ingredients that are used will not cause any food sensitivity reactions such as cramps, reflux or gas.

Our lactation bars are high in vitamin A, C and B6, calcium, iron and magnesium, making it a wholesome and nutritious snack for both you and your milk supply, with someone many moms swearing they have a richer, creamier and more satisfying breast milk supply since they started with it. Not only are there so many claims that the babies are fuller for longer, but the oils consumed assists with babies that struggled with their digestive system and constipation prior to the mom having the lactation bars

Sold in boxes of 15 x 45g bars.



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