Abby Face Oil

Product by: Equilibrium Foods

Light weight hypo-allergenic face oil (all skin types) used for:
– Sensitive skin (mimics ones own sebum)
– Silky, non-greasy feel
– Deeply Moisturises skin without blocking pores
– Nourishes & protect with Omega 6,9 & natural Vit.E
– Can use on oily skin to balance sebum excretion
– Mix with foundation and/or UV cream for a smoother look



30 ml elegant glass bottle

Apply one pump of Abby FaceOil to a clean face or mix a small amount to foundation or sunscreen


Abby Oil Testimonials

Nicole Van Der Westhuizen  
Hi all.. just wanted to let everyone know… Abby oil is by far the best overall oil I have ever used.. the hair oil we use religiously at my salon Nicci’s hair studio.. and our clients absolutely love it… I personally also use body oil on me and my baby. leaves skin soft grease-free and smells out of this world… I would highly recommend my Abby to anyone.. thank u my Abby oil.. we love u 


Lily-Rose Eliason
I have used The My Abby Hair, Body, Face and Cuticle OIls and the difference is amazing. Every inch of me is literally glowing. The best part is that every product I use is completely NON GREASY!!!! Try these products you will see an instant change.


Pam Harley 12 July 2020
I recently had a laser treatment on my legs. For some reason, I had a really bad skin reaction to this treatment. I sent photos of this reaction to my therapist who was horrified. I assumed it would recover fairly quickly. However, 2 weeks went by with little improvement. My therapist then suggested I try the MY Abby Body Oil. With no expectations, I started using it. Within 2 days there was such an improvement it was hard to believe. And the healing process is complete…no scarring.

An aside to this is the fact that I suffer terribly in winter with dry skin. No matter the number of creams or oils applied, nothing really helped. By the late afternoon, if I had applied the cream in the morning, it had been absorbed and my skin was dry and itchy. I started using the My Abby Body Oil on my body… a couple of squirts, into my cream so it really goes far…and my skin is hydrated and like a different skin.

If I hadn’t experienced it myself I would think of it as just advertising. I HIGHLY recommend this product.


Chiselwa Chissy Makungu-Pwele
I’ve had the most incredible experience trying out all of these products but the one that really stands out for me is the Afri-Oil. I have natural 4c type hair so I’m always looking out for products that strengthen my hair, protect my hair and scalp as well as moisturize my hair but also products that add healthy shine without leaving residue or stickiness. I’m so happy to say that I’ve found all the qualities I look for in many products, in one and I LOVE the results. The beauty of this product is that a little goes a long way and it’s very moisturizing. I had to get a trim which meant blow drying my fro and I’m always so scared of heat but it really protected my hair too. I also suffer from a dry scalp that itches all the time and mixing it into the shampoo I used as well as basing my scalp with it has really made a difference. I’m really excited about my hair journey now, this is a great product, I’m shocked and impressed! Thank you


A Levin
‘I’m Obsessed with the products, my kids use it all the time too. I’ve never tried a product that comes close and I’ve tried hundreds’ 

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