Activity – Pre-School Busy Bag

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Our A4 Pre-School Busy Bag contains 6 activities specifically for fine motor skills that are so important for all children pre-school age (2-6) and comes in an easy storage zip-up plastic bag.



Each Pre-School Busy Bag contains:

– Colour and Shape Sorting: Train

Easy to grip foam shapes in 4 colours and Train Flashcards. The Flashcards are the engine and carriages of the train (one side is colours, the other is shapes).

Includes instructions for play and learning.

– Threading Shape

One threading shape and lace for grasping and grip skills.

Includes instructions for play and learning.

– Build, Create and Play: Discs

Colour discs that fit into each other for building play, threading play, colour sorting and counting activities.

Includes instructions for play and learning.

– Logic and Reasoning: Nuts & Bolts

Plastic nuts and bolts in a variety of sizes. Increases gripping skills, logic and reasoning and puzzle-solving. Can also be used for colour and sorting activities.

Includes instructions for play and learning.

– Colour Matching and Patterns: Caterpillars and Circles

Colourful pom poms, plastic tweezers and flashcards. This activity has 10 caterpillar flashcards for pattern following and the reverse side is large circles for grouping and colour matching. Children start by grasping the pom poms with their fingers and then move on to using the tweezers as their skills progress.

– Laminated Tracing and Drawing Worksheets

5 double-sided re-usable tracing and drawing worksheets that include the full alphabet, numbers 1-20, dot to dot, pattern following, tracing,  maze and a blank lined page and a blank page for free writing and drawing practice. Includes a whiteboard marker.

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