Baby Hammock Swing

Product by: Emma Kate

Baby Hammock Swing
choose your colour
perfect for indoors or outdoors
can hold up to 20kg tried and tested



This awesome swing can hold up to 20kg tried and tested. 

There are loads of benefits to a swing for your little one, a few are listed below: a new kind of movement.

  • Helps the eyes to learn how to see the world while moving around.
  • Slow swinging relaxes and clams the body.
  • When engaging with the caretaker in front of the swing, opportunities for eye contact, language and simple motor planning occur.
  • Holding onto the ropes strengthens the hand muscles.
  • Keeping upright while swinging strengthens neck and core muscles. 

You can request which colour you want your swing to be made in during checkout in the order notes.

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