Black And White Contrast Cards For Newborns

Product by: Daisy Chain Kids



Babies are not born with perfect eyesight; this is learned over roughly 4 months from birth. Even though babies can see, they have yet to develop the ability to focus their eyes, accurately move them, or even use them together as a pair.

Around 8 weeks of age a baby will be able to focus on their parent’s face.

Therefore using Black and White Contrast Cards will allow your newborn the opportunity to increase their visual development.

New-borns are attracted to black and white and the cards will grab the baby’s attention and get them to track the cards with their eyes in the first few months.

With these Black and White Contrast Cards you can do several different activities:

  • Lay them against the wall for baby to look at during tummy time
  • Hand them on Mobile over their cots in the nursery
  • Clips them to their baby car chairs
  • Show baby the cards one by one during the day
  • Stick them to the car window during travel

Our Black and White Contrast Cards have a bonus; they will help shape learning as the child grows!

10 cards which are are double-sided printed with black and white images and come with two clips colours may vary. Rounded corners for baby’s protection.


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