Black & White DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Product by: Lemonade Parties Online Store

Beautiful Black & White Balloon Garland Kit will transform your next celebration.

This easy to use kit includes:
1x 5m Balloon Garland Strip (this is also sold separately, check out my store)
5x Clear Confetti Balloons 25-40cm
3x Large Latex Balloons 60-80cm
92x Standard Latex Balloons in Black & White (these are blown up into different sizes)
1x Small Balloon Pump



This kit is so easy to assemble, see instructions:
1) Blow up all your balloons and knot as per normal
2) Fill your 5m Balloon Garland Strip with your blown up balloons by pulling the knotted end of the balloon through the strip holes
3) Hang it up where desired and enjoy your celebration
Still not sure, check out my instructional YouTube video

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