Brainstorm your next career move

Product by: Chantelle Botha - Recruitment Strategist Coach

You’ve decided it’s time to change careers or find a new job. What now? The job market can be as daunting as dating after 40!
It’s important you strategise where you’re going, so that you can align your CV and profiles accordingly. I believe that if we start with WHY, achieving the end goal becomes easier.
Schedule a brainstorming session with your career coach to discuss your intrinsic value adds, and identify what your blueprint for success in the job market is going to look at. Consider this the foundation to your job search.



We start with scheduling an online conversation via a medium that works for you and at a time that works for you.

Once we start our conversation, you give me a brief overview of where you’re at in your career and why you’re looking to make a change. We explore the options, be it local, national or international. We discuss the pros and cons of industries vs companies and the various roles you may be suitable for. We analyse where you’ve really made a difference in the past and how this unique attribute could be used to sell you in the future.

And finally, through collaborative discussion, we identify your career goal and define the blueprint for how you’re going to get there.

This call generally lasts about 30 minutes, and you are guaranteed to come away with more answers than questions.

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