doTERRA Essential Oils Intro Kit

Product by: Naturalee - Earthly Living

This set includes 3x 5ml bottles of doTERRA 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a beautiful little box.
*Lavender – the oil of relaxation. It helps us to release tension, reduce anxiety and get a restful sleep (especially after the busy work season πŸ˜…)
*Lemon – the oil of clarity and focus. It uplifts us when we are feeling down and helps with digestion (we all need this with all the yumi Christmas meals coming soon πŸ˜‹)
*Peppermint – the oil of energy. It boosts our energy and helps to relieve headaches. It also promotes healthy digestion and respiratory function (anyone else suffer from clogged sinuses during the summer months? πŸ₯΄ this helps me alleviate the stuffiness)


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