English Language Bundle for Grade 1s and 2s

Product by: QuaranTeach 2020

Don’t know how to keep your child busy during lockdown? QuarenTeach has the best solution with a fun and interactive English Language bundle.

This is on an amazing special during lockdown. All the separate concept materials have been included in this bundle for a great price.

Language Bundle Includes:

  • English Language Booklet
  • Nouns PowerPoint Slides
  • Plurals PowerPoint Slides
  • Punctuations PowerPoint Slides
  • Syllables PowerPoint Slides
  • Capital Letters PowerPoint Slides
  • Language Cards
  • ABC Junior Font



This booklet covers basic foundation phase concepts such as punctuation, nouns, syllables, plurals and more. With fun and creative demonstrations, it will keep your young learners engaged. There is a knowledge checker after each section so you can make sure that the work is consolidated.

Please note that we have included PowerPoint slides into this bundle. This will great for teachers to make presentations while doing online teaching. We have included the ABC Junior font so that PowerPoint will appear perfectly.

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