Gingerbread House Kit (Large)

Product by: Gingerbread House Kits

Our Gingerbread House Kit provides you with everything you need to build and decorate your own large Gingerbread House. The size is approximately 12cm high and about 18cm long. No baking necessary. All the parts of the house, icing sugar, piping bag, sweets and directions are in the kit! Make this a family tradition. Be prepared for tons of fun!



Our gingerbread house kit makes assembly simple, so that you can spend all your time on the fun part ~ the decorating!

The house is a fantastic size. Much larger than others on the market. Our product is unique as we use a base biscuit instead of a board. This makes it easier to construct the house.  (Although the house is a generous size, children as young as 7 have successfully completed the project).

The house comes with:

7 Biscuits including a base biscuit
Icing Sugar
Piping Bag
Instructions to build house

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