CBD OIL – 6% (600MG)

Product by: Lifebaby

KiriCann CBD oil is created in Switzerland from organically grown cannabis, under strict European and Global safety standards. Our extract is infused with MCT oil to increase the amount of CBD the body absorbs (bioavailability), providing a higher dose than other carrier oils.

6% = 600mg. 200 drops @ 3mg/drop.



Because CBD is a personalised therapy, the dosage is unique to each person, and the general guideline is that less is more. So start with 6-12mgs per day and increase to 12-24mgs per day, spread over the day. i.e. Half in the morning and another half in the evening. Cannabis use is for adults only. CBD can benefit children as well but should be used under an adults guidance only. Contact us if you have any questions. Dosage is everything, and you need to find your happy medium.


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