Little Actors Virtual Club I Comet Lesson Pack 10-12

Product by: Little Actors Speech, Drama, & Etiquette Academy

Each Comet pack contains 3 x Virtual Club online lessons, hosted by our Uni-Queen & Miss Awesome Drama Teachers.

Our edu-tainment lessons are packed with guest characters, body movement with dance, music, drama games, pretend play, word exercises, short stories & more! Some lessons suggest optional prop ideas that can be a separate arts & craft activity to do at home.

The lessons will be accessed on an online platform. You will receive your own unique login details upon purchase.



Lesson 10 – RIDDLE ME THIS? 
A funny lesson packed with riddles & silly jokes. Lets’ get your brain juices flowing with fun riddles & drama activities! 

We use our imagination to go to the Carnival together and talk about our FIVE SENSES, and imagine that we are CARNIVAL PERFORMERS, with exciting drama activities. 

We use our imagination to go to the beach, dive down deep into the ocean and see what we can find with our fun drama activities!

Who are these lessons for?
Our lessons are generally targeted for children aged 3-9 years, as a guideline – however our lessons are enjoyed by many other ages, as each child is unique with their own maturity and creativity levels. 

What are our online kids drama lessons about?
Our fun and edu-tainment drama lessons are packed with creative themes, drama games and activities, interactive pretend play, singing, rhymes, body movement and short stories. We have regular visits from our signature characters such as “Mrs. Word” and “Jack in the Box”, as well as guest appearances from other Little Actors Teachers, who help us with clear speech and word pronunciation, emotional expression, releasing our imagination and building our good manners!

What makes our lessons extra cool?
The freedom to enjoy our online edu-tainment drama lessons in the comfort of your home, with no need to travel.
The flexibility to learn through play and enjoy our lessons at any time.
We make use of improvised lesson props and household items, and promote creativity and imagination with “pretend play”.
Some lessons have optional drama props & fancy dress ideas, that can be a separate art & craft activity to do at home, before your lesson.
Once paid, you can go back & view the lessons again!

What are Little Actors lesson benefits?
Learning through play with imagination and creativity
Improving clear speech and word pronunciation
Help to build self-confidence and listening skills
Improving good manners
Body movement with music, singing and dance
Short stories – Which can be also played again later!
Beating boredom and having FUN!


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