Little Einstein and Edison Numbers

Product by: Squickle Goodies for Kiddies

Einstein and Edison Number Box

What concepts will be covered by using this method.

Number recognition

Correct positioning of numbers

Correct Sequencing of numbers


Basic knowledge of even and uneven numbers

Confidently writing numbers


Mastering basic addition and subtraction.

Basic patterns


Fine motor development

Midline crossing

Language development

Having fun with maths

What will you receive?

A Step by step instructional video that will guide you as a parent or teacher on how to make maths experience part of your children’s everyday life. This method has successfully been implemented in the home environment as well as the classroom environment.

Rhyme, picture cards with body positioning

Wooden numbers with specific colouring

Scented clay


Box for sensory writing

Black board for writing


Audio rhymes

short story,

Song and games for extra consolidation of knowledge.


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