Luxurious Bath Soak

Product by: Kiwi and Cashew

Turn bath time into an ultra-luxurious and soothing experience with these bath soaks. Perfect for when you want to treat yourself a little more than usual.

All our bath soaks contain moisturizing coconut oil, Epsom salts, oats and essential oils as well as natural botanicals.

Our soaks come in 160g glass jars with cork lids and an adorable wooden spoon for scooping. We do have refills available so you can have these jars on display all the time, the refills come in a 250g paper bag with a self-tie.

To use: run a warm/hot bath, scoop a generous amount of the soak mix into the water then hop in and enjoy!






Sea salt, oats, Epsom salts, rose essential oil, coconut oil, activated charcoal, rose petals (always refer to our T’s&C’s for potential allergens and reactions before use)

This products contains oats and may not be suitable for certain individuals. Please ensure you are aware of any conditions before use.

Trader Information

  • Store Name: Kiwi and Cashew
  • Address: 82 Smit Street


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160g Glass Jar, 250g Paper Bag Refill

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Rose-Himalayan-Clay, Lavender-Chamomile