Magwall Magnetic Paint Primer – 1 litre

Product by: Magwall magnetic educational and home products

MagWall is a high-quality paint primer with metal properties that can transform your walls, cupboards and doors, and other surfaces into magnetic receptive surfaces. MagWall has a wide range of exciting magnetic products – Interactive fun games for the kids such as puzzles, shapes, animals, sea life, transport, dominoes, alphabets and numbers, and memory/photo walls using magnetic paper, write & wipe planners and whiteboards for mom and dad.



How to create your own magnetic wall:
•Choose the space you want to use – a wall, cupboard or door in the kids’ rooms; a wall in the kitchen or family room. Make sure the surface you are going to paint is smooth and clean,
Paint the wall with Magwall magnetic primer. One litre/tin covers 2sq/m x 3 coats. It is important to paint three coats to ensure maximum magnetic receptiveness. Stir the paint before each coat until it is consistent throughout (5 minutes should do the trick)-
When the primer is dry, you can paint over it with any colour PVA paint or blackboard paint and it will still be magnetic receptive.
You are now ready to have fun on the wall with the wide range of exciting Magwall magnetic products.


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