Menstrual Cycle Awareness Private Course

Product by: Ova the Moon

Did you know your menstrual cycle is your superpower? When we understand our cycles and what they are telling us, we can-

Help our overall health and vitality, finding balance and harmony.
Connect and know our self and our bodies deeper.
Understand and navigate shifts in energy, stamina, emotions, even creativity and productiveness.
Learn to organise our life to our cycles strengths and challenges.
This is a personalised private course, on You, Your menstrual cycle and how it fits in with your life, helping you to reach your full potential.



You will learn-

  • How to chart and navigate your own menstrual cycle; for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.
  • To recognise your gifts and challenges of each stage or season of your menstrual cycle.
  • Practical tips on how to take care of yourself around your menstruation.
  • To navigate the ‘real world’ of work, relationships and children. (when the world doesn’t stop to honour our cycles and bleeds)
  • Join the menstrual Revolution in breaking taboos. 


‘your menstrual cycle is a highly potent, potentially liberating process- your very own custom-made initiatory path to power’ Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo-Wurlizer

49.6% of the world is women. Menstruation matters, Our attitudes and actions to menstruation (and women’s health) can affect our health, fertility, pregnancies, births, postpartum experience as well as our big finale at menopause.  On a daily basis our menstrual cycle, our seasons and environment are constantly changing, yet we live in a world that only celebrates growth, youth and productivity. ( think about the attitudes there are around ageing, menstruation, and menopause) We have forgotten to celebrate and honour ageing, decay, death and rebirth. All something that we see every year in our seasons and every month in our menstrual cycle. Imagine for a moment if the world cared about more menstrual health for young girls, maternity leave, postnatal support and menopause celebrations?…..

‘Finally. It’s happening. Women are waking up to our real power –the power that comes through our physical bodies’ Dr Christiane Northrup

So do you want to join me in unearthing a great ‘wild power’ within you?

The Gifts-

Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness course. 

Online package includes:

  • 4 individual private one to one sessions, over 2 month. (1st 1 session 90 min sessions 2,3,4 60 mins) via Skype or Zoom.
  • Links to practical resources, charts and ideas on how to chart your cycle.
  • Continuous check-ins for the duration of course.
  • Meditations to help connect to your cycle.
  • Bespoke Yoga Nidra, relaxations and yoga sequences to help with any physical problems in your cycle. (recordings and videos)
  • 50% discount to any of my in-person workshops/ or 50% off any further online group courses.


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