Month Pack 9 Months+

Product by: Organic Keedz

Spend more time with your sweet baby. Save time on chopping and cooking. This pack consists of 93 tubs filled to the brim with nutritious food.

Packaged in BPA-Free tubs.



This pack makes your life easier, knowing that your baby is eating healthy food, suited for his/her age. It saves you time by providing a variety of nutritious meals without you having to chop and prepare the food at each mealtime!

Frozen and packaged in 65ml BPA-Free tubs.

The Pack consists of 93 tubs

6x Apple

6x Pear

6x Butternut

6x Sweet Potato

6x Carrot

5x Spinach & Green Apple

5x Minty Green Beans & Pear

5x Beetroot & Sweet Potato

4x Pea & Carrot

6x Red pepper & Tomato Stew

6x Coconut Lentil Soup

6x Berry Chia Pudding

5x Oats, Apple & Pea Protein

6x Rosemary Chicken

6x Mild Chicken Curry & Apricots

4x Venison Pie

5x Beef & Potato Stew

Vegetables and fruit can be swopped out. Please add a clear order note.


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