Muncher Pacifier Clip Personalised

Product by: Tobbie & Co.

Personalised Pacifier Clip – Muncher? Why should I pick those?
Are you looking to purchase a personalised pacifier clip? And what is Muncher? Did you know that most babies sitting or crawling still drag their dummies on the floor? Not anymore, with these Munchers you can attach safely any pacifier, sippy cup or blanket and keep it off the floor.

Can Beads Come Loose on  Our Pacifier Clip?
NO! Our Munchers are made to the highest standards, we use double silk cord, which is very durable. Most importantly the knots are made in such a manner that even if the cord broke (which is highly unlikely) beads will be still secured in its place and would not come loose.

How to attach Muncher to a dummy?
Take the silk cord and insert it into the loop of the pacifier, now insert the metal clip through the loop created and you are done.




Pacifier Clip Safety:
Our Muncher is handmade with love and in a very special manner, the knots are made in a specific way to safely secure the beads in its place.


  • Wash in warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly.
  • Wash as often as required, however, do NOT leave in water for extended periods of time to avoid clip from rusting.
  • DO NOT sterilize.

Muncher is NOT a toy and does contain small parts that could be a potential choking hazard, therefore parental supervision is essential at all times! A pacifier or a teething toy must be always attached to minimize the risks too. The Items should be regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear – this product does NOT last forever.

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