Paris Muslin

Product by: Little Swaddlers

Bamboo Muslin is the softest of the muslin fabric and their size is 120cm x 120cm

Bamboo Muslin is very durable, having the ability to withstand countless washes and softens with each wash. The delicate yet durable muslin fabric is allowing a muslin swaddle to be tucked snugly around your baby without being overly restrictive

Muslin Uses:

· To Swaddle your bundle of Joy

· Nursing Cover

· Stroller Sunshades

· Burp Cloths

· Tummy Time

· Bath Time

Benefits of bamboo receivers, they are antibacterial, as it absorbs more moisture than cotton and is naturally silky to the touch, breathable and Eco-friendly and bamboo is naturally pest and pathogen resistant. Muslin fabric is ideal for hot climates as you don’t run the risk of overheating, while still keeping your baby comfortably warm


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