Physical Recovery Daily Affirmations

Product by: The Hibiscus Connection



These cards have been created to inspire, comfort, and empower you along your recovery journey, however it may unfold

Whether beginning recovery or adapting to a new way of life, keeping positive is so important to take care of YOUR mind, body & soul.

Each affirmation card features a gorgeous scene and affirmation

A powerful affirmation can make a lot of changes to your body, paving the way towards healing.
Daily affirmations are a powerful tool for self-healing and self-improvement.

Perfect for you when you need a big dose of happy positivity & to be reminded of your amazing energy
You are incredible & sometimes you just need a little reminding exactly how so

Pick a favorite card to focus on & breathe deeply to relax into your body.
Place the cards wherever you’ll see them

Whisper them, shout them, sing them to yourself, repeat them over & over in your head
~ every little bit of positivity helps ~

Deck contains 60 affirmation cards & 4 interactive “self affirmation” cards
Cards are 7x10cm


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