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Have peace of mind when driving while the Sleepy Strap supports your child’s head. No more head slump – No more looking back! Our main goal with this product is for the driver not to be distracted by their child’s swaying head.




Have peace of mind when driving while the Sleepy Strap supports your child’s head.
The Sleepy Strap is suitable for any child car seat as it is easily adjustable. It is a handmade item that consists of a 100% pre-washed cotton sling padded with 100% polyester. This is then attached to two sturdy black straps connected by press studs and an adjustable buckle for positioning convenience.



Place your Sleepy Strap around the back of your child’s car seat with the sling being in front where your child’s forehead will be. With the long black strap going around the back of the seat, adjust accordingly so that the sling is tight against the chair. Once you are happy with the setting, move the sling up slightly if possible or release press studs and leave hanging until your child falls asleep.



Once your child is asleep, move down or connect the press studs on your Sleepy Strap so that it is securely placed over your child’s forehead. For added support, our neck cushion or a rolled-up receiving blanket can be used to stop your child’s head from leaning to the side.



Never leave your child unsupervised in the car or unsupervised while you are using your Sleepy Strap. Like most toys, babies can get hurt while playing unsupervised.Β 

Please note that the Sleepy Strap is not a safety device. It will not provide added protection in the event of an impact. It is merely to be used as support for your child’s head and to give you peace of mind while driving – removing the distraction of an uncomfortable baby (Yes, this product is made by a mommy!). *This strap is also designed to release in the case of an impact which is important.

Never position your Sleepy Strap while driving. Park your car in a safe spot and either lean back or get out of the car to position your Sleepy Strap.



Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle with lukewarm water. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Lay flat to dry.

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