Stage 2 Baby Food

Product by: Heartbeet

Heartbeet Petit provides you with the best, most pure, fresh, and nutritionally balanced baby food, to assist you and your baby.

For babies 8 months and up.
(These cubes are slightly coarse, with a few chunky bits.)
*Pediatric Approved

This box includes 7 different flavor pouches:

Each pouch contains 12x 5ml cubes.

1. Chicken & Butternut
2. Beef, Cauliflower & Gem Squash
3. Peas, Potato & Lentils
4. Spinach, Butternut, Ostrich, & Rice
5. Green Beans, Sweet Potato & Beetroot
6. Hake, Pumpkin & Peas
7. Butterbeans, Baby Marrow & Butternut



The time has come to introduce your beautiful baby to solids, and we understand that this can be very daunting, and overwhelming. We have designed a range of baby food to help you out through every stage of the weaning process, saving you time and energy without sacrificing quality.

  • No Additives
  • No Stabilizers
  • No Preservatives
  • No Colourants
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Salt
  • No GMO


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