Tombow Fun@Home limited Edition – Lettering Set

Product by: Signature Babe Boutique

7 x ABT Dual Brush Pen with flexible brush tip for big, bold letters and fine bullet tip for details.

5 x Brush pen Fudenosuke: hard tip makes it easier to control the line width and is especially suited for small letterings and embellishments.

1 x Marker MONO twin: especially suited to marking and writing on a wide range of materials, as well as drawing outlines.

1 x Mechanical pencil MONO graph: shake the pen or press the clip to extend the lead; extra long metal nib for precision work and less lead breakage.

1 x Eraser MONO dust CATCH: erasing without residues due to special polymer formula.

1 x Drawing pad Bristol DIN A4: smooth paper, bright white; high opacity and acid free; suitable for water-based brush pens, alcohol-based markers, fineliners, pencils and ink.



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Shipping Countries: South Africa