Viking Mini Chubbies (7 Pieces)

Product by: Olive & Charlie

A set of 7 mini chubbies for imaginative play.

We adore Viking Toys because they are safe as they have been designed and tested to be safe for children 1 year and up. the product are made of only the best materials (meaning that they are toxic free, non-phthalate and food grade material). They are also super strong – the extremely durable materials make Viking Toys almost indestructible! The materials that are carefully chosen are soft, which protects children, furniture and floors! Their simple, timeless designs appeals to both children and their parents for several generations, and stimulates children’s imaginations. they are silent – this aspect is acclaimed by parents and teachers alike, as it allows for almost soundless play. And lastly, they are dishwasher proof, thanks to the choice of materials, allowing the toy to be kept clean!


Trader Information

  • Store Name: Olive & Charlie
  • Address: 105 8th Avenue
    Highlands North


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