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VirMel is a dietary supplement that boosts both your immune and respiratory systems against viral infections. Effective against H1N1 flu.

Dietary supplements. Made by bees. Nothing added. Amazing.



VirMel comes in a 250-gram jar. It can be taken once a day as maintenance to boost immune and respiratory systems to prevent viral infections. If ill, should be taken twice to three times per day.

For chronic colds, there is nothing better than VirMel three times daily, with LaryngoMel three times daily and lots of Vitamin C

Please note:
Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and diabetics should first consult their doctor.
Not recommended for children under the age of two.
Not recommended for people who are allergic to beehive products.

VirMel Testimonial:

“I and my family are taking VirMel as vape shop maintenance during this COVID 19 period.”

Yainesh, Owner of Feel Healthy Shop in Balfour Park, Johannesburg.


Testimonial for VirMel, EnergyMel and GastoMel:

Brian Leib, a well-known healer, who saw VirMel at a pharmacy in October 2019 when he had a very bad throat infection: “within a few hours of taking VirMel, the sores in my throat disappeared. I also ar rolex air king mens rolex calibre 2813 m114200 0014 automatic silver tone bought EnergyMel and I felt, well… more energetic. That’s when I phoned Equilibrium Foods to find out more about these dietary supplements from the beehive made by bees. GastoMel has made such a difference to my digestive system.”

“I recommend these super honeys to all my clients, and anyone else, as they are the most powerful natural supplements that I know of”.


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