Different Is Good

Different Is Good
Different Is Good

Different Is Good


  Make learning Fun & Hands-on
learning isn't a linear process, we explore with our senses and we reinforce this by presenting the information in Different ways...
So why continue using the same linear system?

Hello! I'm Naty - the founder and owner of Different is Good!

I was born in Chile, educated in Switzerland, worked as a scientist in the UK and am now a homeschooling mum and entrepreneur  in South Africa. My background has made me aware of the importance of languages and the ability to think differently…out of the box!

I wanted my children to have this inculcated on their personalities to help them to acquire the abilities which I believe are critical to be happy in a multicultural and ever-changing world.  

That the reason why I decided to start this exiting venture and I would love to share it with you :) Join me on our YouTube Chanel and learn a bit more about my story... here a video on Why all this started... https://youtu.be/mT_9aGS7jek
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