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You are here because you are interested in becoming an Advertiser. You want to take advantage of the great opportunity of advertising your business to a targeted audience of over 300 000 members.

But you still want to know more about exactly how it all works. We have created our Advertisers FAQ page where we have endeavoured to answer all the questions that we regularly receive from newbie Advertisers.

We are confident all your questions will be answered here and you will be ready to take the next step and become an Advertiser.

We want you to know exactly what benefits you receive as a Trader and as an Advertiser so you can make the best decision when choosing which option to go with.

What a Trader Gets:
A Trader receives all the online benefits offered on the Mamahood website. You will be able to publish your own Trader profile listing on the ‘Meet our Traders” directory. Your profile comes with banner, logo, contact details, social links and an unlimited gallery. You will also be able to create articles and announcements which are showcased on our homepage.

On top of this, you have the option of creating your own online shop where you will be able to upload your product, service and download listings to sell on the Market.

Your Trader benefits are limited to the Mamahood website and you will not be able to advertise on the Mamahood Facebook groups, only Advertisers have this opportunity.

There is no cost to create a Trader profile and open your shop.

What an Advertiser Gets:
An Advertiser receives all the same online benefits as the Traders as well as full advertising rights on all the Mamahood Facebook groups. When you subscribe to an advertising package you will be able to create a free Trader profile listing on the ‘Meet our Traders” directory and open an online shop if you choose.

You will also be able to advertise any aspect of your business to all our 300 000 members in our Facebook groups with unlimited posts, 7 days a week.

We have cost-effective advertising packages which will suit every business.

What a Promoter gets:
Some businesses only want to make use of the Mamahood platform for a quick advertising promotion. As a Promoter, you can purchase a hosted promotional post or campaign which Mamahood will set up and feature across our social media platform.

As this is a once-off promotion you do not have to create a Trader account or have any ongoing advertising benefits. Although, many of our Traders and Advertisers regularly boost their businesses through one of our once-off promotional packages.

We have different prime position packages for you to choose from and are also happy to customise a campaign to suit your specific needs.

Yes, as a Mamahood Advertiser you have unlimited access to post on all the Mamahood Facebook groups as much as you like, 7 days a week.

Once you subscribe to an advertising package you will be sent our Advertising Guide. Here we will provide links to all the Mamahood groups which you can join in your personal capacity and as your business page.

As a Mamahood Advertiser, you will have unlimited posting rights on all the Mamahood groups. So you can create as many advertising posts as you like and post them 7 days a week. The Mamahood platform is at your disposal to increase your customer base and engage with our members (your potential new customers).

Once you have subscribed you will receive our Advertising Guide, which will outline the steps to successfully begin advertising on the Mamahood platform as well as provide you with guidelines for making memorable posts.

We have 2 advertising options available, the YOU Advertise option and the WE Advertise option.

The YOU ADVERTISE option is where you personally promote your business to the Mamahood Facebook groups. You will create your own posts and promote your business yourself. You are able to advertise every day of the week, Monday through Sunday, with unlimited posts.

The WE ADVERTISE option is where Mamahood promotes your business on your behalf. We create a marketing post on our Mamahood Trader page once a month with information you send us via our ‘create a post’ form. We will use this post to share out to all applicable Mamahood FB groups across the country. Mondays through Fridays with the exception of public holidays. This means that your business will be promoted up to 20 times in one month. You can then send in updated information on the 25th of each month for the following month.

In conjunction with this service, you are also able to promote your business to our Mamahood groups every day of the week, Monday through Sunday, with unlimited posts.

Having said this Mamahood enjoys featuring our Traders and their listings across our social media platform. We will select products, services and listings that we think are really great and make posts about these, nudging our members to find out more about Our Favourite Things. So if you provide something amazing you will probably find that we do post for you.
Please note that these featured posts are made on our own discretion and we do not take requests to make these posts.

When you register as an advertiser on Mamahood you will gain access to a Trader account on the Mamahood Market with a free Directory listing on the “Meet our Traders’ directory as well as the option to open a shop and sell listings on the M.O.M. This is a complimentary additional benefit you receive as an Advertiser.

You by no means are required to publish your free profile on the directory or open a shop. This is just here to help you grow your online presence but is not a compulsory step in order to advertise.

You are welcome to skip these benefits entirely or even begin advertising straight away and set these up at a later stage when it is more convenient to you.

At no stage is it a condition to have a website in order to advertise. Having a website is a great way to showcase your business but it no necessary for advertising on Mamahood.

When advertising you can make posts which only include your phone or Whatsapp number or even just an email address.

Please also keep in mind that you do get a free Trader Profile with Mamahood. This webpage gives you an online presence and provides a great landing page for interested customers.

Ok if you haven’t given your business an official name just yet, then you can simply use your name when registering as an Advertiser. All we need is your name to allow you to advertise on the Mamahood Facebook groups.

For your Trader Profile, you will need to have a business name and logo to get published. However, you can again just use your name or come up with a temporary name to start. You also don’t have to have an officially designed logo and can use an image that relates to your business. 

Once you have chosen your business name and have your branding in order you can easily update your business details and your Trader Profile accordingly.

We understand that circumstances change and you may need to update your business details, such as your phone, email or address. You may even do a brand facelift and update the name and even type of business you have registered. 

You will easily be able to update most of this information from inside your Trader Dashboard. You will also be required to complete a quick Trader Details form so that our admin team is aware of all your new details.

You may be a thriving entrepreneur with more than one business. In order to advertise each of your businesses under their specific business names, you will need to subscribe each business separately to an advertising package. You will then be able to make posts about each business on the Mamahood Facebook groups.

You may be wondering if you can combine your businesses into a single subscription. We will allow for this if the products or services that your individual businesses provide are closely related to one another.
For example, we would allow you to register your kiddies clothing business and nursery decorousness into one subscription. However, you would not be able to combine your photography business with your health products business.

When combining 2 businesses into a single subscription you will only be able to register one business name and post using that one business name. You cannot mention the name of your other business even if you are advertising the products that your other business provides.

We understand that many businesses have a team of people so we can definitely allow more than 1 person to post for a business.
Once you have signed up you can simply complete our Add a Contact form and we will add the new contacts to your account. You will be able to access this form from the Advertising Guide.

If a contact leaves your business, we ask that you inform us to we can adjust your account accordingly.

Please note that if your business structure has branches, reps or coaches etc, each of these will need to register separately in order to be able to advertise their business on the Mamahood Facebook groups.

We consider each branch, representative, seller or coach as operating their own business and therefore you will need to have your own personal advertising subscription in order to advertise your products and services on the Mamahood Facebook groups.

We have many head offices that are registered with us and they can post about their brand and general information about their business. However, all head offices are not to post about their affiliates.

All our subscription are on an ongoing basis and will be automatically renewed for another term unless cancelled.
So yes you can actually register for only 1 month but you will need to manage this yourself. You will need to subscribe to the monthly package and ensure that you cancel your subscription before your next term begins.

You can then sign up again at any time in the future and pick up where you left off.

In the Advertising Guide which will be provided once you register, we will guide you step by step through the cancellation process.

You will NOT be charged a prorate fee when you register for an advertising subscription with Mamahood.

Your payment term will automatically recur on the same date as when you initially sign up. As it is on the same date there will be no prorate fee charged.

If you signed up for a monthly subscription on the 18th of the month, you will automatically be charged again on the 18th of the following month.

Currently, we only offer subscription-based advertising packages. With these, you will make your monthly or annual payments through PayFast which does allow for different payment options.

We do not allow for you to subscribe and make your advertising fee payments through direct EFT

You may cancel your advertising subscription at any time, there is no minimum term requirement. The cancellation procedure is outlined in the Advertising Guide.

As our advertising subscriptions are on an automatically renewing basis you will need to personally cancel your subscription inside your Trader Dashboard. As Mamahood cannot cancel your contract for you, you do not need to email us to inform us of your intent to cancel but can rather follow the steps provided and easily cancel whenever suits your specific needs.

You can always register again at a later stage when you need to make use of the advertising benefits again.

Of course, we have made the subscription and management of your account super easy. We have done this so you can use our advertising service in a way that suits your business needs.

We have found that many Traders use the service for a few months, then take a break and sign up again when they are needing another boost in their advertising.

You personally manage your account so you will be able to cancel yourself whenever you need and then follow the same registration process on the Become an Advertiser page.

We have drawn up a set of Terms and Conditions called our Advertising Policy. Here you will be able to view and understand all the benefits and rights you receive as a Mamahood Advertiser.

The Advertising Policy outlines all the fees associated with your advertising account and we guide you through all the steps in managing your account, including how to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account.

The Advertising Policy is also available on our website for your reference, you can access it in the Policies section.
You can view our Advertising Policy by clicking on the button below.

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