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What it means to be a Member of the Mamahood Community

Mamahood is by moms for moms. Our online community is based around the idea of bringing moms from across South Africa together to uplift, encourage, support and celebrate each other in this journey of motherhood.

We know it takes a village to raise a kid, and sometimes the fastest village to access is online! We are thrilled you are joining our “not so little” community and want to say how much we value your contribution. 

The Mamahood Community compromises our Mamahood Online Market (M.O.M), where all our local Traders showcase their exceptional products, services and downloads. Alongside this are the very active Mamahood Facebook groups where over 300 000 members from across South Africa come for a good old mom chat.

We want you to have a seamless experience when interacting on Mamahood so we have highlighted some of the questions our members have.

With so many people shopping online nowadays we are all very used to browsing through our favourite online shops. Mamahood has now taken this to the next level and created the newest shopping trend.

Our Mamahood Online Market (M.O.M) showcases over 1000 online shops boasting some of the best products, services and downloads that South African entrepreneurs have to offer. You can now easily find that perfect item without having to search through multiple websites.

Mamahood provides the marketplace, and Traders run their own shops.

Your business interactions are with the Traders themselves, not the marketplace. This implies that all your questions regarding products, contact details, refunds and delivery times will all be aimed at each separate Trader that you are purchasing from and not Mamahood. Mamahood manages the checkout and payment system and provides the online support necessary for running the marketplace.

At this time you can only order from one Trader at a time. Each Trader runs their own shop and accepts their own payments.

We are working hard to allow you to order from multiple shops at the same time, so watch this space.

Many of the MH Traders offer services rather than products, think photographers, massages, manicures, memberships etc. These traders can offer vouchers from within their shop space that may then be used as proof of payment for the relevant service. You, as the customer, will need to make sure they understand the terms and conditions regarding each trader’s vouchers.

We have a unique section of our Market where our Traders list their downloadable products, these can be online courses, worksheets, party invites and even great posters and stock photography.

These downloads are in fact a file which you will be able to download upon purchase of the listing. The files can be images, videos, pdfs or even PowerPoint slides.
You will easily be able to download your file at any time from the Downloads tab inside your Member Dashboard.

Since each Trader runs their own shop and Traders are located across the country, you will need to check the estimated delivery times with each Trader you purchase from.

Mamahood has set a standard delivery time of 10 working days once you have completed your order, however, as some Traders may need a little bit longer, we advise you to check their individual delivery policy from inside their shop space.

If a Trader needs to extend the delivery time after your order has been made, then they should inform you via email.

Some Traders allow for a free pick up of your orders from their specified address. Not all Traders offer this option, so if this is a necessity you will need to check the shop details.

Mamahood has partnered with PayFast to facilitate payment processing. Credit card transactions will be processed using the strictest encryption and our transactions are 100% 3D secure.

We can accept local and international MasterCard and VISA payments as well as Instant EFTs.

Online shoppers are greatly influenced by reviews and ratings! They are a great way to learn about a Trader, their business, products, services or downloads, and they also help to build a strong reputation and feeling of trust. Mamahood Traders can be rated from within their shop page on our website.

Some points to consider before leaving your rating or review –

  1. You may only rate and review a Trader if you have purchased a product or enlisted one of their services (completed a transaction).
  2. You are responsible for giving a fair rating. Be honest when adding your comment and avoid being malicious and using language that is abusive, threatening, profane or discriminatory. Comments and ratings cannot be edited once submitted.  
  3. Mamahood reserves the right to remove any rating or review if we feel it is absolutely necessary.

Mamahood has set a standard refund policy that stipulates that products which are returned within 14 days and are in their original condition and packaging, can be returned with a full refund. However, each Trader can set their own refund policies, which will be outlined in their individual shop and we would advise you to read the refund policy of the shop before making a purchase.

We hope that you have a great experience using our website and enjoy viewing all the great products, services or downloads on offer. If you have a problem with anything, it is really important to us that you share your experience with us so that we can improve our platform wherever possible.

Note that if you have any issues with your purchases or interactions with a Trader, you will need to first directly contact the Trader from who you made the purchase. Although Mamahood is not directly involved in any transactions, should you be unable to arrive at a satisfactory arrangement with the trader in question, or your order has not gone as expected, we have a complaint logging system.

Each complaint will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine its validity. If Mamahood determines that your order was not up to standard, the Trader will be required to make a full refund of the order.

Join over 1000 other successful Mamahood Traders for FREE by first registering with Mamahood. When you register as a Trader, you will receive a welcome email that includes a step-by-step guide on how to set up and run your shop. We also include some tips and tricks in running your shop and advertising it over the long run.

There is no charge to register as a Trader and open your own online shop. You can start selling as soon as you are registered with us.

In order to advertise on Mamahood’s Facebook groups, you will need to be subscribed to one of our very affordable advertising packages.

This will give you the opportunity to make full use of your advertisiing benefits and make unlimited posts, 7 days a week.

We have a separate document for our T&Cs, some things are better laid out in full. It’s important to us that you know what your rights and obligations are when making use of our website.

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