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What it means to be a Member of the Mamahood Community

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have an online presence. Now more than ever before every business needs to think out of the box and make sure that you are capitalizing on this online trend.

Mamahood has made the transition to online easier than ever with a free Trader Account. As a Mamahood Trader, you get listed on our “Meet the Traders” Directory at no cost at all. To top this off you also get the option of opening your own shop where you can create product, service and download listings to sell in our Market. 
There is a listing type to suit every business, so there is no excuse to not sign up now and start earning additional income from an online source.

This will be the easiest business decision you have ever made and we will be alongside you all the way making sure you achieve your business goals.

We want you to know exactly what benefits you receive as a Trader and as an Advertiser so you can make the best decision when choosing which option to go with.

What a Trader Gets:
A Trader receives all the online benefits offered on the Mamahood website. You will be able to publish your own Trader profile listing on the ‘Meet our Traders” directory. Your profile comes with banner, logo, contact details, social links and an unlimited gallery. You will also be able to create articles and announcements which are showcased on our homepage.

On top of this, you have the option of creating your own online shop where you will be able to upload your product, service and download listings to sell on the Market.

Your Trader benefits are limited to the Mamahood website and you will not be able to advertise on the Mamahood Facebook groups, only Advertisers have this opportunity.

There is no cost to create a Trader profile and open your shop.

What an Advertiser Gets:
An Advertiser receives all the same online benefits as the Traders as well as full advertising rights on all the Mamahood Facebook groups. When you subscribe to an advertising package you will be able to create a free Trader profile listing on the ‘Meet our Traders” directory and open an online shop if you choose.

You will also be able to advertise any aspect of your business to all our 300 000 members in our Facebook groups with unlimited posts, 7 days a week.

We have cost-effective advertising packages which will suit every business.

What a Promoter gets:
Some businesses only want to make use of the Mamahood platform for a quick advertising promotion. As a Promoter, you can purchase a hosted promotional post or campaign which Mamahood will set up and feature across our social media platform.

As this is a once-off promotion you do not have to create a Trader account or have any ongoing advertising benefits. Although, many of our Traders and Advertisers regularly boost their businesses through one of our once-off promotional packages.

We have different prime position packages for you to choose from and are also happy to customise a campaign to suit your specific needs.

Your Trader profile comes with many great features.

You have a searchable webpage on our “Meet the Traders” directory. You will have a banner space, logo, contact details and social profile links.
You will also have access to a Trader Dashboard with user-friendly applications where you can open your shop and create listings, run sales and issue coupons, view your reports, make announcements and write articles.
You also have a rating and review system and a message centre where your customers can easily contact you.

Upon registration, you will receive our Trader Guide which will walk you step by step through how to use all these available features.

All of this is completely free of charge which makes it the easiest business decision you will ever make.

You are absolutely under no obligation to open an online shop. As a Trader, you have access to a free directory listing on the “Meet our Traders” Directory. You can choose to only make use of your directory listing and have an online presence or you can decide to take the next step and open your shop so that you can upload listings for sale on the Market.

Even if you decide to only use the Trader Profile, you can always covert your Trader Profile into a shop at any stage down the line.

We allow for a broad range of listings to be uploaded to the M.O.M. We wanted to make sure that no matter what your business type there will be a way for you to upload a listing.

Currently, we allow for products, services and download listings.

If you provide a service you can upload a service voucher listing, this could be a photoshoot, consultation or even a haircut.
If you provide a file that can be downloaded then you can upload this as a listing as well. Think about your online courses, stock photography or even worksheets and programmes.

We are always at hand to advise you on how to create a listing that is best suited for your business.

Not a cent. Our vision for Mamahood is to provide a platform for local businesses to showcase their businesses and have the ability to have an online presence in a very active community.

We are committed to assisting our Traders to make the vital move to online and want to make it the easiest decision to claim your place in the “Meet our Traders” Directory.

Mamahood does not charge any registration or monthly fees to open your shop and list your products, services or downloads on the Mamahood Online Market.

We do charge a 15% transaction fee on the total amount of your sale. So you will only be charged a portion of your sale amount when you actually make a sale. If you don’t make any sales in a month you will not be charged anything in that month.

All other fees are included in this transaction fee and you will not be charged any credit card or payment processing fees, VAT or any other charges, it is all built into this one charge. You can then easily calculate what price you should assign to each of your listings in order to make it work for your business. The amount you earn will be indicated on each of your listings.

How it works is in order to open a shop with us you will need to create a payment account with PayFast. This is a completely free account where you do not have to pay any monthly fees.
When you have your PayFast account you will then need to provide us with your merchant ID and Key and we will then link up your Mamahood Trader account with your PayFast account. At this stage, you will then be ready to make some sales.

Once an order has been made, all the proceeds from the sale will automatically be paid into your PayFast account. The proceeds from the sale will be the total sale amount less Mamahood’s 15% transaction fee.

You can then decide to draw funds out of your PayFast account whenever it suits you. You will simply need to submit a release funds request.

We know that as an entrepreneur you need things to work for you and we have designed our system so that it only takes a few simple steps to get you up and selling.

All you need to do is complete 2 quick forms and Mamahood will go ahead and set up your Trader profile and shop.

Creating your Trader account is the first step, you can do this by completing the quick Trader Registration form below with your basic business details.

Once you have registered you will receive the Trader Guide with all the details on how to set up your Trader profile and open your shop. We also include a link to our Let’s Get You Started page, where you supply us with your business information and we will go ahead and do all the setting up for you.
The only details that you will need to have on hand before completing the second form to set up your shop, is your delivery fees (if you will be delivering products) and your PayFast details.

Yes, each Trader is responsible to arrange their own delivery service for their orders.

We have an advanced delivery system which will be accessed inside your Trader Dashboard. You will be given full instructions on how to set up your delivery methods inside the Trader Guide upon registration.

When setting up your shop you can set up multiple flat rate fees which can accommodate different pricing for different areas, or for different courier options. You can also add additional pricing classes for larger or more specialised products.

You can also set up a free local pickup and a free shipping over a minimum amount.

Running a sale is a well-known way to excite your followers and introduce your brand to new customers.

We have 2 great sales tools at your disposal. Firstly, you can decide to run a sale either on one specific listing or even on your whole shop. Secondly, you can issue coupons which you can give to your customers, providing them with a discounted price at checkout.

Both of these tools have very advanced features so you are able to really run a sale in a way that suits your business. We detail everything you need to know about these features in our Trader Guide (which you will receive upon registration.

You have access to a nifty feature where you can create a business announcement or an article. These are fantastic channels to communicate with our growing member base and introduce your business to your future customers.

Your announcement will appear on the Mamahood Homepage giving it a prime position to showcase a new product range, an exciting giveaway or some other headline-worthy news about your business.

You can easily create your announcement inside your Trader Dashboard. You will receive full instructions on how to do this inside your trusty Trader Guide.

Articles are great as informative or entertainment pieces that can relate to your business. All articles appear in our Article section and Mamahood does share these to our social platform. Articles can also be created from your Trader Dashboard.

In order to open a shop on Mamahood, you will need a PayFast account. Mamahood will link your Trader account with your PayFast account.

Once you receive an order from the Market, all the proceeds from the sale will automatically be deposited into your PayFast account. The proceeds from a sale will be the total sale amount less Mamahood’s 15% transaction fees. No credit card processing fees or any other fees will be deducted.

At any time you can draw funds from your PayFast account, by submitting a release funds request. This makes you completely in charge of your finances.

This is the most exciting part of having your online shop – the successful order email.

Once a successful order has been completed on the Market you will immediately receive an automatic email from our website. Inside this email, it will give you a full breakdown of the order including, order number, customer name with contact details and address for delivery. You will also be provided with the exact details of what was order and what delivery option was selected if applicable.

You can then confidently process this order and send your listings to a happy customer.

You might have a well deserved holiday planned and don’t plan on even thinking about work.

You can send us an email letting us know when you will be unavailable and we will temporarily hide all your listings from the Market. In this way, you can enjoy your time off without having to worry that any orders may come in for you to deal with.

Not exactly, let us explain…

It is very important to us that our directory remains current and correct. I order to ensure this we will send you a renewal email once a year where you will need to confirm whether you are still trading and if all your details are still the same.

So even though you will need to renew yearly, this is a very quick step and definitely won’t cost you anything.

Yes, we do have some fine print. We want to ensure that everyone has a smooth experience with Mamahood and that we all know what our benefits and rights are.

You can view our Trader Policy to understand exactly how our Trader program works and what is involved.

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