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Mamahood is by Moms for Moms

We know it takes a village to raise a kid, and sometimes the fastest village to access is online! Our vision is to create a space that brings moms together from all over South Africa in mutual support for anything motherhood could bring their way. 

Our Mamahood Online Market M.O.M provides a new way of thinking about how we shop and how we interact with and support our local communities. We showcase 1000s of local Traders with the belief that communities grow when we support local businesses.

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Browse through 1000s of online shops all inside one website while at the same time  supporting local family-run businesses

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Everything you need to keep happy and safe in lockdown
We encourage all members in our community to embrace this time as a way to make deeper connections with our families and re-imagine and reset our goals for the future.

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The Mamahood Movement is built around #SupportingCommunity

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