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We Believe Deeply that our Mamahood Community Matters

Mamahood began in 2014 and has blossomed into a thriving online community based around the idea of bringing moms from across South Africa together to uplift, encourage, support and celebrate each other in this journey of motherhood.
Mamahood is now one of South Africa’s leading business networking communities with a platform made up of the Mamahood Online Market M.O.M, an extensive online directory with a wide range of businesses, along with a very vibrant and active Facebook community and a following on other social channels.
Here our members can connect and support local Traders who provide not only baby products but any product, service or download that will make a moms life just that little bit easier.

Our Website

Mamahood’s website, with the M.O.M and the ‘Meet our Traders’ directory, is a rapidly growing dynamic, interactive & responsive networking platform and we are committed to empowering local South African businesses and giving small businesses the E-Commerce boost they need with exposure to our niche online village.
We are so proud to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who are making positive contributions to the communities around them.


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Our Social Media Platform

Mamahood’s social media platform is made up of our very active Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and a following on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


 How busy is the Mamahood Social Media Platform?


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On any given day this is what you will find when you visit the Mamahood groups.
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Our Facebook Groups

Our 8 Facebook groups are a rapidly growing social networking platform, where our members can have an interactive shopping experience and connect with their favourite Traders. The groups provide an excellent targeted audience for you to market your business on and are made up of over 350 000 members.

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We are so inspired by the passion and dedication our Traders put into their craft and are excited that we get to showcase all their mom perfect products, services and downloads. Get all the updates and be part of our exciting Mamahood journey. We look forward to sharing with you.

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